Guest Post

Happy Birthday USA!

Here is a spot created by the immensely talented children’s book illustrator Amy Wummer. Watercolors on bristol board.

For more of Amy’s work, see here and click on the word Illustration.

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Beach Bocce

Here’s a tranquil scene from a past shore vacation. Bocce on the beach, a competitive sport played in a relaxed setting with no time limits.

This was painted from a photo I took of a very pleasant evening; the sun was setting behind us; in front, a cool ocean breeze drifted across the waves; and beverage refills were an arms’ length away.

Watercolors and gouache on Arches paper.

Figure Friday

…with a twist. This was a ten minute pose that our lovely model gave to us. I pulled it from my archives recently and decided to finish it. Maybe it was the attitude she struck that called for a little something extra. The addition of the red dress, I think, turned this pose into a bit of a story. I wonder what it is.

More Eerie Doings

A year has passed since our creepy couple performed their Danse Macabre on the beach. Somewhere, under a pale moon, they’ve reappeared for their annual night of revelry, and perhaps a bit of mischief. They’re more formal this time; it seems that they’ve made an effort to look their best for each other. A toast to true love – maybe it does last forever!

Weird watercolors and ghostly gouache on Ahhhhhrches paper.

Figure Friday

Our group doesn’t get to see this lovely model too often, but we like the poses she throws at us. This one ranks up there with the child’s pose as one of the most challenging to draw in the span of ten minutes. Closed up studies like this are always great fun to draw. Much of her figure is hidden from view, but the anatomy is still there, and needs to be described in a way that looks believable on paper. Indeed, that’s the challenge for all visual artists – making our 3-D world look believable in 2-D.

Pencil and watercolor wash on rough paper.

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Figure Friday Returns


This lovely and talented model continues to challenge us in figure drawing workshop with the most relaxed looking poses. Here’s my interpretation of one she held for ten minutes. A word of appreciation for our figure models is in order. Even though these poses look relaxed, they are actually a strain on the model, especially when “locked in”, that is, holding a position without moving. It takes physical stamina and discipline to stay still for extended periods of time, qualities very much appreciated and respected by us artists. It isn’t as easy as it looks.

Watercolor wash on Arches paper.