Avalon NJ Sunset


What can be better than relaxing on the deck of your beach vacation rental and watching the sun set across the bay? The scene never fails to inspire, and I’ve made several watercolors on the subject. Here is one that didn’t find its way into a frame. This view was observed a few years ago from the public marina on 81st Street. Watercolors on rough paper.


Fashion Show


On the beach, Olivia decided to try on her mommy’s straw hat, and it looked like a perfect fit! For this one I scanned a pencil sketch and used an old desktop printer to transfer the image onto a piece of Stonehenge paper. I stretched that and finished it with watercolors and a bit of gouache.

What would happen if…


Born of frustration, this abstract composition came about after I had spent too much time overworking a line of trees on a different painting. So I puddled some color in a few spots on a sheet of paper and shook it from side to side, then hit its edge up and down on a table. This is the result. Trees? Maybe. I’ll be trying this technique again. Watercolor on rough paper.