Honoring the Lost

Among the many roles of the rugged PBY Catalina during the second world war was search and rescue operations for pilots and sailors who went missing after missions. If you were one such unfortunate, and saw this not very handsome aircraft descending through the mist it meant safety and home. The PBY was a true angel from heaven and many a serviceman got a second lease on life because of its ability to land and take off on the ocean. Even so, many of these planes left on missions and never returned. Notwithstanding warfare, the vast expanses of ocean are unforgiving, and the rescuers themselves faced the same hazards. This Memorial Day, here is my tribute to those we lost.

In Memoriam

Our local arts community was recently hit with the sad news of the sudden and unexpected passing of one of our stalwart figure models. 

He was a regular for many years, and posed for quite a few schools and art groups in the region. A soft spoken and humorous man, he sometimes drew with us on nights that he was not working. 

This is a couple of ten minute sketches drawn almost exactly a year ago. He is and will be greatly missed as a friend, fellow artist and model.

Mirror Monday…

and a self portrait. That’s me just to the upper right of center, above the model’s reflected back. To the upper left of center is Charlie, a colleague and a regular at figure drawing workshop, and beside him, watching with a critical eye, is a plaster bust of George Washington. This is a fun 45 minute pencil drawing from my sketch book. I might turn this one into a more finished piece, since there is plenty of detail in it.