En Plein Air


Last weekend, the borough of West Reading held a Plein Air painting contest in conjunction with their annual Arts On The Avenue festival. I did not sign up for the event, but I did ride my bike around, making sketches of some of the painters who did participate. This is one of the artists that I found painting tiger lilies along Museum Road on Saturday morning. Watercolors and gouache on bristol board.

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6 thoughts on “En Plein Air

  1. Perhaps this is one of the artists you mentioned to me that Saturday night. I like your sense of composition here. Thank you.

  2. Dan – I sketched three or four painters that weekend. I might finish and post more in the future.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Mark, just catching up here.. I love the sense of the bright sun falling over this subject! Nice composition, spilling down the paper.

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