What would happen if…


Born of frustration, this abstract composition came about after I had spent too much time overworking a line of trees on a different painting. So I puddled some color in a few spots on a sheet of paper and shook it from side to side, then hit its edge up and down on a table. This is the result. Trees? Maybe. I’ll be trying this technique again. Watercolor on rough paper.

2 thoughts on “What would happen if…

  1. Interesting. I do like the image (But then again, I Like Mark Rothko).

    Trees grow in an organized but organic manner, so I would think using water and paper to mimic that would be a valid approach.

  2. Hi Charlie – I wasn’t thinking of it from an organic perspective, (at the time I was gritting my teeth and slashing at the paper) but it does make sense! Thanks for your comment!

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