Dead Vehicle

This was going to be my entry in an online painting challenge, run by James Gurney on his blog Gurney Journey, titled “Dead Vehicle Challenge”. But I cheated – the rules were that it had to be a plein air painting; mine was done in the studio from a photo, so I couldn’t submit it for the contest, but I can display it here. It’s actually my next door neighbor’s car, and it hasn’t run for quite a few years. Every year the blue tarp seems to uncover just a bit more, which accounts for the brick on the windshield.

Watercolors, goauche and watercolor pencils.

3 thoughts on “Dead Vehicle

      1. Okay. Found an ’84 that kind of looks like that. It looks like GM didn’t change the styles too much in those days. Does it have the “Landau” roof, or is it a convertible?

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