Sketchbook Studies

Earlier this year my sister gave me a sketchbook of handmade, cotton watercolor paper made by the Amatruda Company, based in Amalfi, Italy. It’s roughly 6″x9″, has four deckle edges and takes a wash beautifully, although the surface falls apart if it gets reworked while wet. So I decided to use it for fast studies – wet washes only, to avoid detailing anything. Two hold-out roses from the sunny side of my home; our pumpkin before carving; and a rogue spaghetti squash from my garden.

One thought on “Sketchbook Studies

  1. Hi,

    Awesomely…. very simple and still can identify them! I admire your talents!! Keep up watercoloring.

    Wonder can you watercolor of Christmas tree? fire place? Light strings?

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