Tired Tulips


These guys were hanging around our mantel for weeks and they were done. So I limited my palette to three colors and made two puddles for each color – a light and a dark (shadow) version. Then I loaded the brush, starting with light green and proceeded to put as much information on paper as I could in one pass, taking care not to backtrack anywhere. After that dried, I started again, this time with the darker hues, taking care to only cover the shadow areas. Two passes, one light and one dark, and I was finished. Watercolors on rough paper.

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4 thoughts on “Tired Tulips

  1. Just thinking….There remains an opening in the Mick McAndrews watercolor workshop offered by Berks Art Alliance (May 13-14-15, Fri-Sat-Sun). Let me know if you have interest and I will add your name to the list.

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