Mirror Monday

The room that we use for our figure drawing workshop has a large mirror mounted on the wall behind the model stand. It’s been covered up for some time, but when it wasn’t I was able to see both sides of the model’s pose from my sketching spot. On days that I drew fast I had enough time to sketch both views. Over time, I accumulated about two dozen drawings that I refer to as The Mirror Series. This is one that I was able to create from a forty five minute pose. Sadly for our group, this lovely model’s work schedule prevents her from posing for us any longer. She was a gifted model, and we miss her.

Watercolor wash on Bristol board.

Figure Friday


Faithful readers of this blog will recognize the beautiful model in this post; it’s another one of her easy-looking poses, and I was in foreshortening heaven! Please see my post from September 23rd. This is the long pose from the same session, about 45 minutes. I use that time to draw as much information about the model as possible. Later on, after I’ve thought about the pose for a while, I refine it and then carefully transfer it to a piece of watercolor paper and finish it. Watercolors on Arches paper.

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